Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Päron-choklad - inte alls dumt :)

Mitt nya favorit te.

Alla pyramidteer för 10 kr den veckan på City Gross!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Valentine Returns

February 14 - missions:
- Pick up Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - Check!

- Bake vanilla hearts -


- Watch Johnny's with friends and laugh until your cheek muscles hurt  - Check!

I did pick up my copy of LR:FFXIII on Friday but I didn't actually start it up until Saturday. It took a while to download the Japanese voice pack and installing it, about 4,7 GB. Also got four promotional garbs with the Nordic edition of the game :D
I LOVE the SOLDIER garb. I don't like the Saviour garb so I switched that out as soon as I could, along with that white and purple bekini/SM thing. What I like about the SOLDIER garb (accept for being awesome by default of course) is that it has an ability called Slayer, which means that if you stagger an enemy you can do an instant kill!
One thing about the Japanese voice pack, it looks and sounds great and I greatly prefer the Japanese dialogue however the subtitle is till the transcribed English dialogue. As I tend to half read half listen it gets confusing when they don't correlate properly. I do like the English dub but the Japanese is till better, even if I have to concentrate a bit more to understand everyting.

I did try the demo beforehand, mostly to get that extra garb, but so far I haven't gotten it. I enabled Outerworld, connected it to my twitter and made a post so I don't know what's missing. If I have to connect it to my fb too I'll just skip that garb. Not that I plan to post an ocean of snaps but I just don't want it on my wall, putting up potential spoilers. Hardly any one sees my twitter so I don't think it will bother anyone if I do put up a snap every now and then. At first I was just going to ignore the whole thing but since they put up a goal of '100 000 posts in the first two weeks after release = a new garb for everyone' I thought I'd participate a little.

Design a garb for Lightning, judged by Nomuua and win prices! Deadline 20/2 11:59pm (PST)
Contest on devi.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sailor Halloween

This Halloween I went as Sailor Moon. A throw-together version. Spent maybe four-five hours on the gloves and two-three on all the rest.
I'm quite satisfied with it though. I borrowed the sailor collar from a friend, cut up an old shirt and used it for a bodice and gloves, used some pink fabric I had left over from an old cosplay and cut and painted pieces of plastic from an old ice cream box. The broach is a necklaces from Kuma Crafts.



When I took down my hair, the buns had created some really cute curls.


I had a great vacation trip to London with friends!
We saw ONE OK ROCK and they were brilliant! Great show, really well done. They said that they'd be back and I for one will de be there to great them :D

I promised pictures so here you go.


We got to Gatwick and then Victoria station. Our first meal was curry :3


China Town.


Lovely China town :D


Om nom nom! Mango pudding for me!


They even have Panda cake (^-^)d


Ah, Piccadilly Circus.


Some night sightseeing.


Hello Big Ben, how've you been?


And I finally got to see Westminster Abbey. I know it's basically right next to Big Ben but still I managed to miss it the two previous times I visited.


The British Museum. It's not crocked liked that irl, 's just my photo.
So big, so so big. Even bigger on the inside :P


My favourite piece was this exorcism sword made out of coins.


A very fancy shell trumpet.


We had afternoon tea! Traditional Afternoon Tea :D
At Soho's Secret Tea Room.
We were so full. The fruit tart was nice and moist and as my fist ever carrot cake, I think this one will be hard to beat.


Welcome to  Forbidden Planet, a.k.a. nerd heaven. If you want fandom merch this is place has it in high concentration.


A little trip to Covent Garden. There was a Disney shop that seemed to have lost its air conditioning.

London was simply wonderful. Scrumptious food, superb company, glorious concert.

I'll leave you with ONE OK ROCKS encore song.

Jump in about 40 s for the song to start.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test™

A friend of mine, Amanda, told me about this personality test that comes with the description:

"Upon completing the Jung Typology Test™ you will obtain your type formula, the strength of each of the preferences and the description of your type. It may help you to identify your lifestyle both in general, and with respect to specific areas of activity. You will also obtain a list of the most suitable career choices based on your personality, along with some educational institutions where you can receive a relevant degree or training."

The test:

It was an interesting test. A series of 72 yes/no questions and then you get a 4-letter type formula that describes your personality and which of the traits described in the test you are closest to. For example introvert vs extrovert or thinking vs feeling.

You can get a more detailed description of the combination you get here, at

I got the INTJ formula (Introvert(56%)  iNtuitive(12%)  Thinking(38%)  Judging(22%)), which is called the Mastermind. I felt quite at home with the description for that one but I wanted to check the one I was closest to after that too, to compare. So I read the ISTJ, the Inspector, as well but that one only felt about 50/50 correct.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Surprise Physical Labour

I got called in for work at the post office this morning, which is nice. It was a new place today and I had no idea what I would be doing. They just said that no prior experience was needed and that I had to come by the office to pick up work shoes. So I want to pick them up and headed out to the new place.

When the guy in charge of me shows up he tells me that I'm to work at station 36.

36. OK, so what's that? I've never been here before. To me 36 is just a number, and not even the answer to the ultimate question.

Turns out it's loading dock no. 36. My job was to load the packages coming down the conveyer belt onto this huge ass truck. "Stack 'em high, to the ceiling if you can." And that's what I did. Well I didn't get them all the way to the ceiling but good enough. I was a bit slow perhaps. Thinking to much about stacking everything tetris style with as few holes as possible.

After about two hours I started to smell soap. A few minutes later I saw the leaking box at fault. And it was leaking, quite a bit. I went to wash my hands of all the slippery soap and to get something to put the leaking box in and perhaps clean up some of the mess. After that a guy from another dock was assigned to help me fill the truck and yeah, it went like five times as fast.

I got off at 21:00, three hours of lifting boxes and stacking them.

I will probably hurt all over tomorrow.